Design-Build Delivers

Using Design-Build Innovation to Maximize Infrastructure Investment

July 06, 2022 DBIA
Design-Build Delivers
Using Design-Build Innovation to Maximize Infrastructure Investment
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As we move into the second half of 2022, implementation of historic federal infrastructure investment is underway. Agencies and industry alike are getting new information and details almost daily on how the roughly $1.2 trillion will be distributed nationwide. 4,300 projects are underway in 3,200 communities nationwide with $110 billion in funding allocated. But even as programs become more clearly defined, there are still challenges that come with these opportunities. In this episode we talk to long-time federal market pros, Laura Stagner and Thom Kurmel about how design-build teams will play a vital role in helping agencies manage workforce, supply chain and cost certainty challenges.

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How design-build helps address infrastructure investment challenges
Using early collaboration for workforce and cost containment challenge
Owners want solutions not just projects
Becoming an Owner of Choice
COVID was a teaching moment for the federal market
Using technology to enhance collaboration in infrastructure programs
Unique opportunity to “push the envelope” in the federal market
Helping the Federal market embrace change to deliver success
How design-build helps leverage the tight workforce better
Design-build’s growing federal role goes beyond just IIJA funding
The timing couldn’t be better for Federal Design-Build Symposium
Federal Symposium program offers real-world resources.