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Building Resilient Projects to Create Strong Communities

May 31, 2022 DBIA
Design-Build Delivers
Building Resilient Projects to Create Strong Communities
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Resilient design and construction is all about finding solutions to deliver longevity, innovation, and adaptability in our projects. Successful resiliency programs can be as unique as the projects they’ll deliver; however, good resiliency programs have some essential elements. In this episode of Design-Build Delivers, DBIA’s VDC Director Brian Skripac talks to USCAD’s Troy Gates and Ryan Colker from the International Code Council about a wide range of resiliency topics to help your team deliver projects that stand the test of time.Download resources from this episode and read our show notes at:

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What is resiliency, really?
Project resiliency vs sustainability
Community and social resilience
Design-build's collaborative role in improving resiliency
Reactive vs. proactive approaches
Using Technology to build resilience
Using Digital Twins
Determining Community Resilience Vulnerabilities
Where are the biggest challenges and highest resilience ROIs?
Maximizing life-cycle approaches on projects
Using offsite construction in resiliency plans
Collaboration is vital to building resilience