Design-Build Delivers

From Alternative to Mainstream: Celebrating 30 Years of Design-Build

January 17, 2023 DBIA
Design-Build Delivers
From Alternative to Mainstream: Celebrating 30 Years of Design-Build
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In 1993, some of the industry’s giants gathered in Washington, D.C., to talk about the need for a new organization dedicated to educating the nation and teaching design, construction and engineering professionals about design-build. This year DBIA celebrates its 30th Anniversary and the incredible achievements we’ve seen over those decades. 

In this episode of Design-Build Delivers, DBIA’s National Board Chair, Deb Sheehan, and DBIA Executive Director/CEO, Lisa Washington, look back on an incredible 30 years while also looking forward to what they predict lies ahead.


DBIA National Board Chair
Healthcare Market Strategy Leader, DPR Construction

 Lisa Washington, CAE
DBIA Executive Director/CEO

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How far has design-build come in 30 years?
Modern-day challenges have spurred incredible design-build growth.
The industry needs the collaboration that design-build delivers.
Design-build helps Owners deliver the high-performance projects they demand.
Early collaboration opportunities and the impact on workforce issues.
Ending Design-Build Done Wrong.
Making MWDBE initiatives more than just talk.
Bringing every member of the team together is vital.
New DBIA Leadership Training Courses in 2023
Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices increase team success
Design-Build’s growing usage is driving increased DBIA certification. Especially among Owners
DBIA tools for Owners and Owner Advisors
How we’ll deliver on DBIA’s 2022-2025 strategic goals
Design-build flexibility will advance the industry into the future.
New design-build market research will be released in Spring 2023.
We’ll see continued design-build growth in 2023 and beyond.
DBIA’s committees channel design-build expertise to drive success
New 2023 webinar series for DBIA members