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New Design-Build Project Delivery + Design Management Tools Coming in 2023

February 08, 2023 DBIA
Design-Build Delivers
New Design-Build Project Delivery + Design Management Tools Coming in 2023
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As a long-time supporter of the Charles Pankow Foundation, DBIA is excited to share the news about new design-build tools they’ll release in 2023. First is the online Project Delivery Assessment Tool, which allows Owners to assess their ability to deliver projects using design-build. As we all know, design-build is only as successful as the Owners who implement it, and this tool serves as a mirror for Owners to investigate their ability to deliver design-build successfully. The second phase of this project is an update to the Professional Guide to Managing the Design Phase of a Design-Build Project, including new focused guides for five sectors.

In this episode of Design-Build Delivers, we talk to two guests working closely with the Pankow Foundation to create these invaluable new design-build tools. Greg Gidez and Bryan Franz offer a preview of what’s ahead.


Greg Gidez, AIA, FDBIA
Director of Design Services
Hensel Phelps

Bryan Franz, M.E.
University of Florida School of Construction Management
Associate Professor

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The DBIA/Pankow Foundation relationship
New online project delivery tool will help Owners assess their design-build capacity.
Avoiding Design-Build Done Wrong
Design-build is about more than just shifting risk.
University of Washington research is underway.
This work builds on work done by the GSA to assess DB potential.
Becoming an “Owner of Choice”
New Design Management Guides to follow the release of the project delivery tool.
Research across diverse subject matter experts underway to build new Design Management Guides.
Building a job analysis to guide the focus of five sector-specific guides.
Defining risk across diverse sectors
Guides focus on 5 sectors: Aviation, Federal, Highways, Industrial, Water/Wastewater.
Guides will highlight new innovations in design-build.