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Design-Build Certification: What it Means and Where it’s Heading

April 18, 2023 DBIA
Design-Build Delivers
Design-Build Certification: What it Means and Where it’s Heading
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As the use of design-build continues to grow, Owners are looking for design-build certified teams to deliver their projects. Practitioners are also looking for design-build certified team members. DBIA certification has never been more valuable than it is today. 

It’s no surprise that this increasing demand has led to rapid growth in the number of DBIA® and Assoc. DBIA® credential holders. There were more than 6,300 credential holders at the end of 2022 with even more design-build team members from all disciplines working toward certification this year. 

In this month’s Design-Build Delivers podcast, we talk about the design-build certification process, the role DBIA credential holders play in delivering the nation’s most efficient projects and what’s ahead for those interested in becoming certified.  


Jignesh Desai, P.E., BCEE, DBIA

DBIA Certification Board Chair

Senior Project Manager-San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Bill Kent, FDBIA

DBIA Instructor and National Board Member


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DBIA members are shaping the future, one successful collaboration at a time.

Design-Build certified pros are leading the industry.
DBIA Certification means success
Owners are looking for DBIA Certified teams.
And so are practitioners.
A growing number of Owners are getting certified.
DBIA Certification benefits all disciplines.
Even long-time design-builders benefit from training.
How to get the certification process started.
There are a variety of ways to take DBIA Certification coursework.
What are the two types of DBIA certification?
What is a DBIA Fellow?
Taking the certification exam.
Taking continuing education to maintain certification.
Improvements and updates to certification process.
Updated course curriculum coming
Improved certification processes in the works.